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My digital resumés:

Maps Stuff

San Francisco Fractured Bike Infrastructure Map

Making a map where all the bike infrastructure is not a green line and experimenting with webGL.

Bay Area Bike Share non expansion map

Shows the launch sites for bike share stations and where they were as of early 2014.

Maptimes Map

A leaflet map based with geojson layer representing Maptimes I was aware of at time of creation.

World Base Map for d3.js stuff

Made this while trying to get a grip on how to turn topojson into a nice looking map.

Banana World Economic Data choropleth by country using Mapbox

Working on making a basic Mapbox Map choropleth style (not the best use of choropleth) using country by country eonomic data derived from the UN FAO.

Currently working on: Bike Valet Map

Trying to make a map to make it easier for people to find and know when events are and where they can valet their bike in San Francisco.

Leaflet.js Practice Page

Been trying to learn how to use Leaflet lately because it seems like the most reasonable thing for making custom webmaps if you want to not use Googley stuff.

World banana economic output by country

First map made using CartoDB to perform table joins and their auto visualization tool.

Polk St. San Francisco Traffic Accident Map

First custom map made using Mapbox, already using most of my free storage.

California Map using d3

Using the basic methodology from the tutorial from my UK map below I made a map with a SF Giants color scheme.

First map made using d3

Basic map of UK made following Mike Bostocks "Let's make a map" tutorial.

My GIS 112 (CCSF) final project

Map of SF Historic Sites

Created and designed by yours truely

Final Project Map